Cash 4 schools Scheme

Did you know that the average UK household owns around £4,000 worth of clothes and about 30% of it hasn’t been worn in the last year? And that we bin 350,000 tonnes of used clothing every year – that’s equivalent to the weight of more than 29,000 London buses!
At Recycle 4 Cash we aim to raise awareness of our duty to the environment through our schools programme.All schools receive payment for all textiles collected from their banks which we supply free of charge.

Textiles banks

We already work with recycling amenities officers and charities in the local area but always want to expand our service into wider communities and help keep the country free from unnecessary textiles waste.

We do not wait until the recycling bank is full before emptying it, instead we prefer to service all banks ourselves on a regular basis, this way we can ensure the appearance and condition of the bank throughout its life, helping protect your organisations image.

Regular inspection ensures that your banks are not only safe and securely locked, but free from graffiti and structural damage caused by vandalism.

Charities and fundraising

Being in this industry is all about being respectful recyclers; which is why we always offer a very fair and consistent price without compromising on the quality, or frequency, of our recycling collection services. Payment is immediate and efficient.

We are proud Partners of ARB Recycling one of the largest textiles recyclers from the charity sector in the UK.
who are proud collectors of Mind, Cancer research, and Age UK to name a few.

We can guarantee we can have a vehicle at your premises at a specified time on the day of collection to avoid clutter in your branch or organisation.

If you are thinking of fundraising in the near future, or you are a charity looking for a prompt and reliable recycling partner give us a call today or fill in our on-line form.

We offer competitive rates for all donations collected and will pay the leading rates in the current market.
Payment is immediate and efficient.

Recycle Clothes 4 Cash
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